Ichthys PSI-2 Package

JKC Australia
Construction site
Darwin, NT
KAEFER services
Access Solutions
Insulation & Cladding
Surface Protection

KAEFER was engaged by JKC Australia to carry out painting & insulation works on various areas of the Ichthys Onshore LNG Plant, including the jetty, LNG tanks, LPG tanks, racks, LNG BOG compressors and incinerators.

The miscellaneous painting & insulation works included the supply of manpower, equipment, materials, tools and consumables.

Our Scope
  • Scaffold erection, dismantle and maintenance
  • Removal and repainting of carbon and stainless-steel piping
  • Removal and repainting of equipment
  • Removal and re-installation of insulation including mineral wool, PIR & FEF
  • Miscellaneous carryover work from Fabrication Yards
  • Miscellaneous material supply
  • Planning and workpack preparation
  • Technical assistance and sign-off
  • Project management including implementation of KPMS (KAEFER in-house Project Management Software) to manage schedule, cost and productivity
  • Implementation of Lean management system & initiatives to drive productivity

KAEFER Integrated Services
Delivering across full asset lifecycles, from construction to asset integrity, maintenance & shutdowns.
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