One group – one code.

Over the past 100 years, KAEFER em­ploy­ees around the world have been work­ing to­gether ambitiously to de­ve­lop high qual­ity solu­tions for our cli­ents, based on trust and a com­mon set of values and norms. We are proud of our track re­cord that in­volves de­liv­er­ing what we promise and never letting a cus­tomer down. Our 100-year anniversary in 2018 was the perfect occasion to update our Code of Conduct for the next KAEFER century to include current topics that have become increasingly important for all of us. This enables us to ensure solid business control.

Our long-term suc­cess would not have been pos­sible without our cor­por­ate cul­ture and our value-orientation, which are sup­por­ted by the fam­ily own­ers and their heritage. Trust is the basis of all our activities. We com­mit ourselves to act in such a way that we can main­tain and in­tensify the trust and loy­alty of our cus­tom­ers, employees, and owner fam­ily. Trust can only de­ve­lop if our actions are predict­able and based on consistent be­ha­viour – from the work­ers on site all the way up to the company’s top management. Creating an environment of trust and continuously striv­ing to master our pro­fes­sion will help us achieve a high de­gree of collaboration. Respecting individuals will help facilitate true dia­logue and mu­tual learn­ing. The col­le­gial interaction will help us find the right decisions in complex situations. Re­li­ab­il­ity and res­ult-orientation will help us ex­ceed our expectations, and a good portion of mod­esty will always help us stay rooted and remember the true North: the pursuit of our mis­sion.

As a res­ult, KAEFER is strongly com­mit­ted to risk man­age­ment and com­pli­ance, which we define as a set of guidelines, rules, and pro­ced­ures that are de­signed to pre­vent, mon­itor, and re­solve conduct or prac­tices that go against legal, eth­ical, and busi­ness stand­ards. 

The Code of Busi­ness Con­duct out­lines our policies as they re­late to our cor­por­ate goals and val­ues. This Code ap­plies to every per­son who con­ducts busi­ness with or for the KAEFER Group world­wide, mean­ing all our em­ploy­ees including all levels of man­age­ment as well as consultants, tem­por­ary workers and sub­con­tract­ors. The Code out­lines how we act and do business. Re­gard­less of the work we do daily, we all have to abide by the laws, stand­ards, and guidelines that ap­ply to our work and we must act eth­ic­ally and fairly and with hon­esty, integrity, and re­spect. 

Only if we all act in keep­ing with the high stand­ards we set ourselves can we face the challenges and changes the fu­ture holds and en­sure a sus­tain­able and in­nov­at­ive business model for gener­a­tions to come. 

KAEFER Compliance Helpline

The KAEFER Code of Busi­ness Con­duct defines rules of con­duct that en­able us, as a global company, to con­form to legal provisions, reg­u­lat­ory stand­ards and eth­ical prin­ciples wherever we operate. This not only pro­tects our clients, em­ploy­ees and so­ci­ety as a whole, but also contributes to the se­cur­ity of our com­pany against white-col­lar crime it­self.

The KAEFER Group there­fore offers its em­ploy­ees, busi­ness partners and clients vari­ous, internationally-ac­cess­ible channels to re­port com­pli­ance violations. In­form­a­tion received will always be treated confidentially and, if de­sired, anonymously.

How can re­ports be sub­mit­ted?

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