First Nations Employment & Development

KAEFER has a proud history of working in partnership with local communities and First Nations businesses. We work towards creating local opportunities and sustainable growth, while also aiming to address social and economic inequalities faced by First Nations people.

KAEFER respects and recognises the rich history and culture of First Nations peoples within our business. We are committed to strengthening and building an inclusive workplace where First Nations histories and cultures are respected and cultural diversity is celebrated.

KAEFER’s “Innovate” Reconciliation Action Plan outlines our key targets and actions as we continue to develop long-term, sustainable opportunities for First Nations peoples and businesses.

Meet Caleb – Painter Blaster

Caleb Drummond has been working in the Energy industry as a painter blaster for over 6 years. Born and raised in Darwin with family ties to Jukun and Nyul Nyul (Beagle Bay) in Western Australia, he is a proud Aboriginal man. Caleb enjoys the team environment that comes with his career at KAEFER, with his greatest motivation being supporting his family. Caleb says there are a range of opportunities available for younger people considering a career in the Energy industry. Watch the video below to learn more about Caleb’s story:

First Nations Employment Opportunities

We have a wide range of opportunities available across our national operations for First Nations peoples. Follow the link below to find out more.

Santos-KAEFER First Nations Training & Education Program

Supporting Local Communities

KAEFER will continue to promote and build respectful relationships with local communities and is committed to fostering opportunities in supplier diversity, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander recruitment and cultural learning. If you’re a local business interested in working with us, please contact us through the below to email register your interest: