Passive Fire Protection

Facing the dangers of fire head on.

Comprehensive fire protection does not just begin with firefighting: preventive fire protection prevents a fire from starting and makes it difficult to spread in an emergency. The measures are divided into three sub-areas:

  • Structural
  • Technical fire protection
  • Organisational fire protection

Structural and technical fire protection includes concrete, material measures, such as the use of fire-resistant components or the installation of fire alarm systems. Organisational fire protection involves regular testing and maintenance of fire protection measures and the preparation of people in the event of a fire. All three sub-areas must be taken into account in every fire protection concept.

KAEFER is a licensed applicator of passive fire protection systems, utilising internationally-recognised materials for protection of structures and installations against various fire scenarios.

We specialise in providing complete fire protection solutions in combination with insulation systems.

Our service offering

  • Lightweight cementitious – Fendolite MII, Mandolite CP2
  • Intumescent epoxy – Chartek 7, Pittchar XP, Pyroclad
  • Cellular glass – Foamglas
  • Mineral wool – Roxul
  • KBS Mortar Seal
  • KBS Sealbag
  • Cable sealing
  • Pipe penetrations
  • Cladding for air ducts and support rails
  • Fire protection coatings, enclosures, facades, windows
  • F90 tank insulation
  • Fire protection concepts and advice
  • Composite systems with excellent fire-protection properties
  • Non-flammable pipe insulation
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