Scaffold Design and Engineering

KAEFER has in-house scaffold design and engineering capability to design safe, efficient and cost-effective access solutions in accordance with AS1576 and AS4576.

Scaffolds are designed in 2D or 3D using AutoCAD software. 3D scaffold design models can also be appended to client site models (if available) for clash detection and visualisation purposes in Navisworks.

KAEFER’s Scaffold Design Engineers are qualified to review, analyse and certify scaffold designs upon request by clients. Structural analysis is conducted on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration scaffold self-weight, live loads and environmental loads.

We have a streamlined process – from receiving a scaffold build request, through to 3D model review and construction. Once the design is completed, we can generate scaled 3D models and complete gear lists with a single click.

This process allows troubleshooting to be completed in the planning stages, rather than during construction, significantly reducing risk of harm to operatives whilst also optimising outcomes in terms of constructability, mobility and cranability.

Our design capability extends across all types of scaffolding including conventional tube & clip and system scaffolding.

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