LEAN Management

Our philosophy to increase efficiency

Lean service and production processeswithout wasting resources 
According to the principles of “Lean” management, we at KAEFER Integrated Services optimise various factors in order to achieve the best possible results. It is our declared goal to be the most reliable and efficient provider of turnkey construc­tion, main­ten­ance and in­dus­trial ser­vices.

Lean management focuses on flexibility, efficiency and the constant improvement of all processes. This not only has a positive effect on our added value, but also on that of our clients. Because fewer errors, a reduction in unnecessary work steps and short lead times ensure that project outcomes are noticeably improved.

The KAEFER Lean Project Approach

Lean processes are an integral part of service quality for KAEFER. By optimising the entire course of the project from a lean perspective, we create significantly more efficient processes – from the operational to the administrative level, across all hierarchies. The lean approach encompasses the entire value chain.

What is process improvement like at KAEFER Integrated Services?

To improve service and productivity, our employees take part in the KAEFER Lean Project Approach. This is where project managers, site managers, line managers and other specialist personnel receive an introduction to lean management. As part of our global qualification program, you develop your skills, improve your way of working and gain experience in applying the KAEFER Lean Project Approach and Lean construction site management.

Lean management means more of a fundamental philosophy than the simple implementation of a method. It works particularly well in a team: Managers coach their employees in order to avoid errors in performance and to strengthen the team’s problem-solving skills. When used correctly, Lean Management helps individual employees to improve their performance and achieve success. This affects the entire company – and also the value of the products and services that we ultimately offer our clients.

Routines and a culture of continuous improvement of all processes emerge, from small work steps to saving costly waste of resources.

Four pillars of effective lean management

  • Healthy and safe work
    Safe methods and tools ensure a pleasant and safe working environment.
  • Optimal team sizes
    In compact teams, each employee contributes effectively to the added value.
  • Complete project monitoring
    With visual control panels, we always keep an eye on quality, occupational safety and productivity.
  • We investigate the causes of errors, deviations inperformance and possible waste in order to optimise processes in the long term

Advantages of the lean management principle for our clients

At KAEFER Integrated Services, we continuously analyse work methods in order to adapt them to changing circumstances. In this way, we design all processes as efficiently as possible, instead of just relying on known processes. As a client, you benefit from our lean management in several ways. The advantages of the method are:

  • High quality technical solutions and products
  • Improved work safety
  • Reliable meeting of schedules
  • Less waste of material and working time
  • Smooth workflows and stable service and production processes
  • Reduced walking distances thanks to well-organised stocks

Efficiency and productivity through routine process optimisation: Lean management creates an open error culture in which we constantly reflect on ourselves and our work. With a special focus on the sustainable use of resources, this way of working and learning not only creates a noticeable benefit for us, but also our clients.

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