Sheet Metal Cladding

From sheet metal fabrication to installation for durable insulation

So that heat and cold insulation can withstand the stresses of wind and weather, they need protective cladding. If the support structure, insulation materials and cladding fit together perfectly, the insulation gains stability and durability. In addition to high-quality material, precise measurement and manufacture of the sheet metal is also important: It is important to reduce interfaces on the sheets that are susceptible to weathering and to clad the insulation with a precisely-fitting sheet metal jacket.

Certain components such as gas or steam turbines place higher demands on insulation technology. These components require customised sheet metal fabrication to ensure they are effectively thermally-insulated, protected from corrosion and sound absorbent. Typical areas of application for customised sheet metal fabrication include boiler systems, flue gas ducts, container heads, container tracks, flange caps, pipe meters, pipe bends, reducers, pipe sockets, flattened areas, tank roofs and ventilation ducts.

Long-lasting insulation from KAEFER Integrated Services

KAEFER Integrated Services supports our clients in all aspects of sheet metal cladding: from measurement to sheet metal fabrication and assembly. We have specialist workshops across Australia to supply our customers with high-quality sheet metal cladding services. Our offering includes:

  • Sheet metal fabrication across all insulation types
  • Sound and heat insulation cassettes / enclosures
  • Welding of specialist components

KAEFER utilises a variety of materials depending on the type of insulation (thermal, cryogenic or acoustic insulation), the environment and the client’s specification. This includes stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised sheet.

We utilise the latest equipment from renowned providers such as Mabi. This equipment accelerates the production of sheet metal cladding by optimising cutting, rounding, edging and other work processes. From measurement to assembly, we follow the principle of LEAN Management: Our goal is to provide sheet metal cladding of the highest possible quality, at the right time, while also optimising costs.

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