Our Goal & Values

Driven to be dif­fer­ent.

KAEFER is a mod­ern, multinational cor­por­a­tion with over 30,000 employees work­ing all around the world. We achieve our suc­cess and that of our cli­ents by constantly ask­ing ourselves how we can improve every day, how we can do things in new, more efficient ways and how we can fulfil our mission…

To be the most reliable and efficient provider of turnkey construction, maintenance and asset integrity services.

At KAEFER, we be­lieve we have an im­port­ant part to play in build­ing a sus­tain­able, en­ergy-efficient future and we are in the per­fect po­s­i­tion to do so: for more than 100 years, we have worked across in industrial fa­cil­it­ies, mines, refineries, oil & gas plants and marine environments. In everything we do, we as­pire to be RED – re­cog­nised, ef­fi­cient and dif­fer­ent.

That is why our mis­sion also needs to re­flect the scale of our am­bi­tion – to take a global lead as the most re­li­able and ef­fi­cient provider of turn­key con­struc­tion, main­ten­ance and asset integrity ser­vices.


KAEFER is a privately-owned company, run on fam­ily prin­ciples and com­mon val­ues across all entities, coun­tries and re­gions. Trust is the found­a­tion of our business activities. Loyal customers, loyal employees and loyal shareholders are the re­ward, whilst continuity in growth and profit performance is the result.

KAEFER Integrated Services
Delivering across full asset lifecycles, from construction to asset integrity, maintenance & shutdowns.
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