Energy Audits

Thermal energy loss through insufficient insulation often goes undetected in industrial plants, resulting in huge potential inefficiencies for operators, as well as increased carbon emissions. To address this problem, KAEFER offers specialised energy audits to identify areas of energy loss and offer customised solutions.

Utilising thermographic imaging, KAEFER undertakes inspections on industrial assets to determine heat loss. Following the inspections, KAEFER Insulation Specialists compile reports complete with detailed analysis. 

These reports include proposed solutions to mitigate thermal energy loss, such as alternative insulation / cladding material selection or insulation of previously un-insulated areas of the plant susceptible to energy loss.

KAEFER’s solutions can provide a range of benefits for operators, including significant lifecycle cost savings and dramatically reduced carbon footprint. Get in contact with us to see how we can optimise your energy efficiency.

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