Ichthys Combined Cycle Power Plant

JKC Australia
Construction site
Darwin, NT
KAEFER services
Access Solutions
Insulation & Cladding
Surface Protection

KAEFER was engaged by JKC Australia to carry out the surface protection, insulation and scaffolding work for the combined cycle power plant of the Ichthys Onshore LNG Plant.

Our Scope
  • Scaffold erection, dismantle and maintenance
  • Removal and painting of carbon and stainless-steel piping and equipment
  • Removal and installation of surface protection
  • Removal and installation of insulation including mineral wool, PIR and FEF
  • Painting, surface protection, insulation and scaffolding material supply
  • Carryover work from Fabrication Yards
  • Planning and workpack preparation
  • Technical assistance and sign-off
  • Project management including implementation of KPMS (KAEFER in-house Project Management Software) to manage schedule, cost and productivity
  • Implementation of Lean management system & initiatives to drive productivity

KAEFER Integrated Services
Delivering across full asset lifecycles, from construction to asset integrity, maintenance & shutdowns.
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