Success stories

KAEFER IsoLogics in Norway

KAEFER Integrated Services’ wholly-owned subsidiary IsoLogics recently assisted our colleagues at KAEFER Energy AS in Norway in completing an insulation remediation scope through provision of our complete specialist atmospheric management equipment.

The IsoLogics Dew Point Reduction System (DPRS) is an advanced, portable dehumidification system that allows inspection and maintenance activities (including corrosion under insulation – CUI) to be undertaken on operational plant running at sub-zero temperatures down to -160°C. The DPRS allowed KAEFER Energy’s site team to successfully remove and replace cryogenic piping insulation without the need to shut down the plant.

The patented system was developed locally in Perth, Australia and utilises enclosures and ducting to deliver air at a humidity level where any ice on operating equipment is removed through sublimation (changes straight to vapour, skipping liquid state). The exposed plant can then be inspected and/or remediated without impact to ongoing operations, offering significant cost and productivity benefits.

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