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The KAEFER Strategy

Driven to be different.

KAEFER is a different kind of company. We achieve our success and that of our clients by constantly asking ourselves how we can improve things, how we can do things in new, more efficient ways and how we can fulfil our vision to eliminate the energy waste. We follow a strategy of being Recognised, more Efficient and Different. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it. But there’s actually quite a bit behind it.


We already enjoy an excellent reputation. But in the spirit of continuous improvement that pervades all of our activities, we want to do even better. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. That's where the ‘R’ comes in. It’s the result of our efforts to be more efficient and different. And it’s about constantly improving and strengthening our solutions and services in insulation, access, surface protection, passive fire protection & refractory and interior outfitting.


Increasing efficiency is a core part of our corporate vision. Because that is one of the best ways in which we can eliminate the energy waste. That's the ‘E’ in RED. And by implementing lean management throughout our organisation, we can get closer to making our vision a reality.


A pioneering spirit is at the heart of KAEFER’s unique way of thinking, acting and working. And that's one of the things that encompasses the ‘D’ in RED – how we're different. Innovation and continuous improvement creates value for our clients and employees. And it also contributes to our vision – to eliminate the energy waste.

By embracing and encouraging the development of new methods and technologies throughout the KAEFER world, we will differentiate ourselves even further.

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