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Surface Preparation

Aiming higher.

Surface preparation is the first vital step and an economical and effective way of preparing steelwork for the application of coating systems. Proper surface preparation ensures the effectiveness of the applied paint system. Correct abrasive blasting is a specialised skill involving experience and knowledge of the right abrasive, correct equipment setup and particular techniques required to achieve the specified class of blast and surface profile (anchor pattern).

KAEFER’s core business includes the abrasive blasting of steel, followed by the application of protective coatings. Our experienced staff and NACE qualified inspectors ensure that preparation is carried out to the highest possible standards to meet your specifications.

There are many forms of abrasive blasting and we specialise in steel grit; garnet; glass beads; vacuum and bicarb soda blasting. From our fully automatic large capacity blasting machines to substantial site-based mega-blast equipment, we can guarantee uniform preparation and high speed resulting in the faster turnaround of your projects.

Our service portfolio in metal and concrete surface preparation covers:
Abrasive blasting with a huge variety of different blasting media and media sizes
Ultra-high pressure water jetting with up to 40.000 psi
Inductive Heat System for removing thick film coatings and passive fire protection systems from carbon steel
Power and hand tool cleaning
High pressure water cleaning with up to 4.400 psi to remove dirt, grease and oil
KAEFER Surface Preparation Rope Access Technicians
Surface preparation rope access technicians
KAEFER corrosion protection Monti MBX surface preparation
Monti surface preparation
KAEFER surface preparation Graco XForce HD spray application
Graco XForce HD spray application