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The cost of corrosion

Corrosion costs the Australian economy approximately AU$13 billion per annum as iron and steel tries to morph back to its original state. Most of Australia’s assets are located in marine environments which further exacerbates the problem of corrosion. One of the most effective and economical ways to combat corrosion is through the application of protective coatings. Most manmade structures have some form of coating to protect itself against nature and the elements.

KAEFER specialises in the application of protective coatings. The selection of coatings is vast and ranges from single component enamels to two pack epoxies and polyurethanes to high performance plural component elastomers. It is vital that the right coating system is chosen to protect your asset, but equally important is the requirement to have it applied correctly. A well specified and applied coating system will provide effective protection for many years enhancing the life of your asset.

KAEFER’s commitment to the proper application of protective coatings systems is second-to-none. Our fully trained and experience applicators are supported by NACE qualified inspectors and backed by an experienced project management team. Repeat business and our growing client base is testimony to our quality, professionalism and our ability to deliver your next project.

KAEFER surface protection coating inspection
Coating inspection

Three steps for durable coating solutions

1. Analysis of media and environment where the steel structure is placed
2. Specification of appropriate coating system, including quality of surface preparation and selection of suitable coating process to suit specific project demands
3. Execution of coating application by trained and skilled staff under supervision of experienced coating inspectors for stringent QA/QC
KAEFER corrosion control spray multi-layer coatings
Coating spray application