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Social Responsibility

The many faces of KAEFER.

When it comes to sustainability, most companies focus on three elements: the economic, social and environmental dimensions. KAEFER is not like most other companies. Which is why we have a fourth dimension to focus on: the cultural.

Why, you might ask? Because in addition to being firmly committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and our environment, we believe that the cultural lives of those we are involved with are important as well. There are over 27,000 people that work for KAEFER worldwide. Each and every one of them is as different as the other. And their unique ways of thinking, acting and working are an asset to our company. That’s what forms the culture of KAEFER.

We embrace the diversity of those we work with and this is a true reflection of the KAEFER way of thinking and acting differently.

On the following pages, you will find examples of how the KAEFER way of thinking is applied to our four sustainability dimensions in practice. And how we aim to make a difference that is both global and local. Because for us, sustainability is as multidimensional as it is multifaceted.


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