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KAEFER Christmas Campaign

The period just prior to Christmas is notorious for an increase in injuries and incidents.
In 2018 KAEFER have developed a Christmas campaign which is focussed on the choices we make on a daily basis, embracing KAEFER’s culture of SAFE CHOICE RIGHT CHOICE.

Our Christmas campaign has been split into 3 focus areas.

The first is a daily poster of a KAEFER employee and their commitment as to why they will work safely in the lead up to Christmas. The posters feature both individual and family photo’s reinforcing their commitment and are read out at daily pre starts across the country and displayed on noticeboards.

The second phase is a 21 day (1st to 21st December) advent calendar. KAEFER will celebrate every single day injury and incident free by placing a tick in the corresponding date on the calendar and issuing each team member a small prize to celebrate the success. Sites reaching a 7 day milestone of injury and incident free will receive a further prize. At the end of each week 3 KAEFER team members will be randomly selected to receive an Ipad but only if the site they work at has remained incident free.

Lastly KAEFER want to engage the kids or our employees. We have developed a drawing competition for kids under 12 to come up with the best drawing of what they are going to do on their holidays with their family. 3 lucky kids will be picked to receive an Ipad mini.

The goal for KAEFER is to complete the 21 days without incurring any injuries or incidents at any of our sites.


Advent Calendar

Kids Drawing Competition