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Cryogenic Insulation

The coolest job at KAEFER.

It takes a special kind of expert to control the freezing temperatures of minus 163°C necessary to handle, store and supply liquefied natural gas (LNG). KAEFER has over 40 years of experience in LNG and some say that those who work there quite literally have the coolest job in the company.

From high-performance insulation at gas plants and pipelines to storage and transportation tanks, we provide a wide range of services and solutions for the whole gas handling chain.

In fact, we have two specialised divisions dedicated to LNG – our Corporate Competence Centre Liquefied Gases (CCCL) and the LNG Solutions Centre. Both are staffed with experts who are specialists in adapting to challenging scenarios and bespoke applications where mechanical and thermal tensions are high.

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Technical Expertise

The KAEFER LNG Solutions Centre focuses on delivering sophisticated and intelligent solutions and services to major LNG projects. For example, we have developed a pre-insulation process for pipes, which is modular and flexible, allowing pipes to be insulated efficiently before they are installed on site. This means they are not subject to environmental variables and the process saves time and money by ensuring high quality and lower levels of manpower and scaffolding. Furthermore, our system is highly mobile and can be set up in close proximity to large-scale projects around the world – this shortens transit times and lowers costs as well.

Our CCCL focuses on gas carriers and high-level engineering, research and process development. Our joint venture with the Broadway Group in Shanghai is combining the know-how in insulation solutions of CCCL and the local market strength of Broadway to focus mainly on China. All products are manufactured locally to make the most of the opportunities in this growing industry.

Both units, CCCL and the LNG Solutions Centre together cover the entire LNG operations chain from exploration to the receiving party:

  • Liquefaction
  • Storage
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Shipping
  • Regasification

Corporate Competence Centres - Liquid Gases

KAEFER’s gas tanker activities are executed by the CCCL unit in Bremen and its joint venture KAEFER Broadway Insulation Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.

Our products and services:
  • Cryogenic cargo and fuel tank insulation systems
  • Pipe and gas plant insulation, high density pipe supports
  • Spray foam systems, vacuum insulation solutions
  • Fluid handling solutions, cryogenic energy storage
  • On- and off- line repair services for cryogenic tanks and pipework
 What we offer at CCCL:
  • Engineering and design, research and process development
  • Class approvals, product certifications and accreditations
  • Material supply, foam block production and machining
  • Fabrication of sandwich / hybrid insulation panels
  • Installation and advisory service

The KAEFER LNG Solutions Centre

How may our experts from the LNG Solutions Center help you?
  • Engineering
  • Detailed design
  • Project execution
  • Purchase of materials
  • Job site management
  • Consultancy