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Atmospheric Management

KAEFER IsoLogics is a leading provider of innovative atmospheric isolation systems. Utilising temporary work enclosure systems (Habitats) to provide SAFE AIR for undertaking hot work activities like welding within potentially flammable environments, COOL AIR to eliminate heat related illness and increase personnel productivity and ULTRA-DRY AIR to enable live cryogenic plant inspection and insulation remediation without icing.

We have a proven and successful long-term relationship with our clients, founded upon our commitment to provide innovative, flexible solutions and a culture that promotes continuous improvement.

KAEFER IsoLogics services include:

-           Live Cryogenic Pipe and vessel remediation

-           Hot work isolation within hazardous areas

-           Heat stress management and personal productivity

-           Non ‘Ex’ equipment isolation in hazardous areas

-           Painting and coating remediation within humid ‘out of spec’ conditions

Atmoshperic Management