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Asbestos Solutions

Any job is easier with the right tools at hand.

KAEFER in Australia has extensive experience in the removal and disposal of hazardous materials, regardless of the location or infrastructure involved. Our capability spans removal of asbestos containing materials and hazardous coatings (including lead-based paints).

KAEFER is fully licensed to complete asbestos removal works nationally, including both friable and non-friable materials. We maintain a pool of fully-trained asbestos workers to complete these activities. We provide specific training to ensure all personnel understand the specific site and client regulations that may apply separately to any work.

We are also experienced in the removal of hazardous coatings including lead-based paints, utilising blasting and encapsulation techniques to safely remove and dispose of these materials.

All PPE, Plant and Equipment we supply is fully-compliant with the latest Australian regulations and we work closely with our clients and the local authorities to ensure all notifications are completed and no problems occur as the work proceeds.

KAEFER Australia

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KAEFER Asbestos removal project - building from the outside
Asbestos removal project
Asbestos operators during work
Asbestos operators during work
Decontamination unit
Decontamination unit